Event "epoch" has presented an overview of the.
This is a "Second Life" is the event.
For information not yet finalized, it must not suburbs.

It's an "invited only" event. All participants must be invited by
EPOCH organizers, and we are inviting the most talented creators and
artists around the grid. 
We'll give you 3 different themes, ask you to choose one from them.
What you have to do is : Create something unique along the theme, and
sell them at one of the event venues.
3 different themed venues will be built by few builders who are also
invited. We'll also have special entertainments in each of venues as


Date of event 
Early next year (2012)
02/26/2012 - 03/11/2012(SLT)
The EPOCH event will be held for about 2 weeks, and there will be Pre
Opening Event, Public Open, Special Entertainments, and Closing Party. 
At Pre Opening Event, bloggers, flickrist/flickristas will be our
guests. We'll have some souvenirs and a press kit for them. After the
premiere, all 3 of venues will be opened to public as a limited-time
shopping spot.
Special Entertainments will be held for attracting more people. We are
hoping many people to come and experience EPOCH, not only for shopping
but also having good times in our venues. 
And then on the final day, we have Closing Party. It's going to be a
public event but we'll implement a dress code : wear something from
EPOCH. Something they bought, or something they've got from one of
special entertainments. 

 Three theme (Selectivity
Art of Escher / Clowning / Beast
Held with the three divisions

Art of Escher

*Will change if there is a better theme

Concurrent Events
Candidate Events
T-shirt Everyone's shirt sold at a uniform l$50
Musical events
Wall of fashion  Snapshot of a beautiful finish.etc

Art of Escher Undecided
Clowning Wall of fashion  Snapshot of a beautiful finish.etc
Beast T-shirt Everyone's shirt sold at a uniform l$50
□Location (Undecided
Link is located in
Venue creator (Undecided
Art of Escher  : Undecided
Clowning : Undecided
Beast : Undecided

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